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2014 USTBA Tchoukball Championship – Day 1

This first day was intense, well played. Players were well behave, and the matches were extremely tight. We can notice a big improvement since last year tournament. We had the great honor to have with us Francesca Castelli (daughter of Roberto Castelli and Chiara Volonte president of the Italian Tchoukball Federation) After, a quick coach […]

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What Does it Take to Organize a Tchoukball Event

Tchoukball on Fire: in this episode we would like to introduce you to the back stage of the world biggest Tchoukball event on the beach, this special episode features Matteo Castelli, Andrea Volonté, Giko Zinetti, from the organizer’s core team, and players from Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy. They explain what they are doing, as well as why they like […]

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Banner photos courtesy of David Sandoz and L. Frelechoux