Tchoukball in Boston – USA

Tchoukball on Fire Episode 20

Steve AbreSteve Abreu of Bostonu is a native of Ohio and a sport enthusiast. He lives in Boston MA, he is a lawyer in trademark and copyright.

Discovering the game in 2011, by an article on the Columbus dispatch about the game of Tchoukball, he was intrigued and wanted to start playing the game. Then with friends he started playing in a park in Boston, inviting people passing by to join. This is how is group of 20 people started enjoying Tchoukball.

Steve also is the enthusiastic person to take over the USTBA and so far, he has been organizing the USTBA Tchoukball championship, which this year is the second edition with five participating teams.

In this interview, Steve explains how he discovered the game, what are his motivations to promote the game, as well as his goals for the next 5 years.

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Banner photos courtesy of David Sandoz and L. Frelechoux